About us

We are Prague Roller Girls. A new roller skating community, brand and agency based in the very heart of Europe. We are a group of roller dancers and entertainers who are ready to take your event or campaign to the next level. PRG team organizes community events, classes, and workshops.You can see our team as part of different events, parties, campaigns, and music videos. We can make your roller skating dreams come true!


Prague Roller Girls created the perfect and affordable 5/16 dance plugs. As our team prefers to roll without toe stops, we wanted to create a product that will make our skating easier.  Roller dance plugs protect your plate and the floor while skating without toe stops. Our product is made in Prague and it is made out of durable, yet grippy material. The 5/16 diameter fits most industry recreational plates – roller skates compatible with bell stoppers (non-adjustable toe-stops). We are happy to finally share our product with the roller skating community!


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