About us

Prague Roller Girls is a roller skate agency based in the very heart of Europe, Prague. We are
a group of roller dancers and entertainers ready to take your event or campaign to the next
level. PRG team organizes community events, classes, and workshops. You can see our team
as part of different events, parties, campaigns, and music videos. We can make your roller
skating dreams come true!

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About founder

Hi, I’m Veronika, and my profound love for roller skating has been a journey since 2017, exploring diverse skating styles worldwide. From working as a roller hostess in Malta for a year to working at roller discos in Scotland, to starting Prague Roller Girls in 2020. Now I am an entertainer, performer, choreographer, and teacher. Each chapter has added to the development of my roller skating style. I love sharing my roller skating passion with others and assisting them in their skate journey. In 2023, I earned certification as a roller fitness coach, and I currently offer roller dance and fitness classes. Crafted to boost your confidence, strength, and control on skates, these classes are designed to elevate your roller skating skills.